Hello, Im Alina, 26 years old am an exciting and glamorous, sensual and sexy masseuse who will make you come back to me again. I am a gorgeous, stylish and charming girl, a striking European beauty who cannot be missed.
I offer a wide range of services, like:

I am mischievous, lively, fashionable, sexy. I am a seductive model masseuse created to please gentlemen with impeccable taste and high standards. A masseuse with constant attention to your pleasure, what more could you ask for?

Erotic, happy massage for men, women and couples. My sensual massage will leave you feeling confident, refreshed, rejuvenated and happy. My touches come from the heart, full of love and attention. You will Experience your own body in all its wholeness, with all its intensity and the pleasure it can give you. Intimate massage helps to open up new erotic points which you might not have guessed. Sensual massage is not only pleasure and mental relaxation , but also good for health.

In fact, we live in a dynamic society when you are constantly under stress, cortisol and adrenaline hormones increase. That’s why pressure jumps, mood drops, interest in life is lost and you might have is a breakdown. At the same time, due to stress, the level of dopamine drops, which affects the psychological state, leads to rapid fatigue and inability to concentrate. Meanwhile, my massage will help you to get rid of the accumulated emotions and tension.

Types of massage I perform:


Happy ending erotic massage in Milan.


First of all, its aim to give you relaxation and to relieve fatigue. It improves blood circulation, improves performance, restores muscles. The main techniques of classical erotic massage include gentle stroking, kneading, rubbing and vibration movements.

Tantric massage with happy ending

During the massage, our energy, including sexual, is aroused, it will be supported and controlled by maseeuse, due to which the effectiveness of the massage increases, as well as the pleasure from it. The goal of tantric withe happy massage is harmony. A massage should be an expression of love, and only with this feeling will I touch you.

As a result, happy massage will relieve all your stress and bring you great pleasure, joy and relaxation. The high art of sensual touches for connoisseurs and lovers of tantric massages.


Classic erotic massage

Well, its aim to give you relaxation and to relieve fatigue. It improves blood circulation, improves performance, restores muscles. The main techniques of classical erotic massage include gentle stroking, kneading, rubbing and vibration movements.

French massage

Includes hot hugs and exciting kisses, which I will sprinkle all over your body. Hot breath and moist lips will help to relax the muscles, get the highest pleasure and reach the peak of arousal.

The "sakura branch"

Well, this type of massage is performed with the tongue and lips all over the body (with the exception of intimate areas). My tool is my beautiful mouth, which in tandem with the tongue creates something extraordinary. Also, the secret of erotic pleasure is the alternation of light touches with lips and passionate kisses. In this case, I rely on my knowledge of the map of your erogenous zones and increase the degree of passion at certain points.


Massage for two lovers and marries couples

Erotic massage for couples in Milan adjusts partners to the same wave, which allows you to feel and enjoy tactile sensations equally. It helps to diversify your sex life and reveal your partner's sexuality in a new way. After the end of such a rest, a man and a woman become closer. Lovers will openly share all their thoughts and fantasies with their partner without hesitation. Steam massage session – warm memories, sensations of goosebumps on the body. You will want to experience this again and again, and only with your lover.


Body to body naked massage

What is body massage? This is a special massage technique, in which, in fact, the “client” is kneaded not only with hands. During this technique, I work with the whole body, massaging a client with the stomach, hips, chest, face. Body massage technique is considered one of the simplest types of erotic massage. It requires compliance with several rules so that the “client” gets unforgettable pleasure up to orgasm.

Thus, you can see that I can provide you broad varieties of massage. You can choose any you wish or even more combine them. Session lasts from 60 minuts. I am sure you can find exactly what you need and what you have dreamed about. So, you can tailor my services to your taste and needs.

So, enjoy happy services in complete comfort and privacy in Milan.

Whether you are visiting Milan and staying in one of the city's hotels. I would like to add that Erotic, Happy Massages offers you the opportunity to experience any of our massage experiences with complete comfort and maximum privacy from your hotel room.


Don't hesitate to contact me at any time you wish 7 days a week. Will be sure I will make all your wildest dreams come true.

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