May 16 2023


Human sexuality is a complex and fascinating subject that has been explored and studied for centuries. As our understanding of sexuality has evolved, so have the practices and terms used to describe them. One such term is “French death” or “petit mort”, which refers to a sexual experience in which a sensation of “little death” or temporary loss of consciousness is experienced during orgasm. 

Although this phenomenon has been the subject of interest in popular culture and literature, there are still many myths and misunderstandings about it. Today, from Santai, we will know in detail what French death is, how it is experienced, what causes this sensation and what effects it has on the body and mind.
What is a tantric companion? - Male Escort
I am sure you have never heard of the term "tantric escort" which is different from "male escort". I will briefly describe it to satisfy your curiosity.

It is difficult for me to explain what tantric accompaniment consists of. After many years of traveling and meeting people from all over the world, I don't know if there is anyone who offers something similar. Due to this unusualness, we do not have references, which can lead to confusing tantric escorts with typical luxurious male escorts.

To summarize, this is a tantric experience, combining tantra and tao with a very alternative male escort service for women.