In the sexual or erotic massage category, we find the lingam massage in MILAN, a type of massage that they enjoy very much and that is designed for them. Do you want to know about it?

How is lingam massage done in MILAN?
Erotic massages have evolved to such an extent that sensuality has managed to merge with the spiritual, giving rise to very positive sensations, never before experienced by people.

Thanks to this massage, the person who receives it gives himself body and soul in exchange for a great sensual and spiritual experience. All this is done by the best erotic masseuses in MILAN, who will give you an unforgettable experience.

Lingam massage in Milan allows you to achieve a state of relaxation, leaving aside stress and worries. It is also a way for the person who receives it to connect more with himself, with his inner world.
It is important to note that this is a type of erotic massage that causes a lot of intrigue and curiosity, and for good reason. What is achieved by receiving it is the discovery of a new source of sexual pleasure that was not known before.

Sexual desire can be increased through this type of experience, so while it is suitable for everyone, it is for those who want to relax, connect with their inner being, and increase sexual desire. In fact, it can be very positive if you have a partner.
How to give a massage?
To do a lingam massage in MILAN, it is important to be a specialized massage therapist or massage therapist like our massage therapists. We know that training and experience are key, as well as preparing the massage environment.
What we do is decorate the space with the smallest details, following the Buddhist style, as it works and allows you to relax more. To do this, we take care of every detail, including relaxing music, aromatherapy, candles. Let's say nothing is left to chance, but consistency is maintained.

The key to preparing a massage space in this way is to make sure that the environment is ideal for receiving this type of massage and that it works because it is a way to mentally and spiritually connect and experience physical pleasure.

Once the space has been prepared, the masseuse or masseuse caresses the sexual organ of the person who receives it. All without the feeling of pressure, without reaching an orgasm. While this can be achieved, it is not the goal. Let's say this is not the end and not the goal, but your goal is to achieve a state of arousal.

To start the massage, you need to completely undress, lie down and spread your legs, slightly bending your knees and exposing the genitals. The massage starts from the penis.

The massage therapist or masseuse applies lubricant to the penis and testicles, slowly stroking the area. The same is done for the pubis, perineum and pelvic floor. The goal of achievement is relaxation, enjoyment.

The applied pressure and speed also alternate. Just changing the intensity makes it more enjoyable.

To better understand what it is and how it differs from other types of erotic massage, it is important to know that lingam means phallus and translates as "a stick of light that directs energy and pleasure." The goal is to apply its benefits to whoever receives it.
What are the benefits of lingam massage? The purpose of this type of service is to relax a man so that he reaches a state of relationship and sexual arousal. But, as we have already told you, it is not designed to achieve orgasm or ejaculation.

The point is to explore the erogenous zones to discover new forms of pleasure. It is aimed not only at relaxing the body and relieving stress, but also for a man to find himself and get to know himself better, so that he can then enjoy himself at home when he has sex with his wife or partner.

If we calculate its advantages, then we highlight:

You can get to know yourself sexually better;
You manage to heal the sexual trauma you are carrying;
New ways of getting pleasure are being explored;
New experience;
Say goodbye to bad energy;
Stress disappears;
a healthier mind;
There are so many benefits that in order to enjoy them first hand, you must allow yourself to go and come and enjoy this exquisite experience.