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Erotic massage boom is a reality. More and more people are stepping out of their comfort zone and letting themselves go by trying new things. This is an example of this, as it can be very nice and useful.

As for its characteristics, it is a massage in which two bodies come into contact. In other words, it is completely skin-to-skin, so the person who is about to give himself a massage has full contact with the masseuse.

It is also considered a mixture of sensitive and relaxing massage because it combines each of these modalities in some way. After all, you want to have fun while relieving stress and relaxing your body.

Its main feature is smooth and harmonious movements. There is no sudden change in pace or loss of skin contact in this type of massage, which helps to maintain balance and relax the muscles. It takes us to a pleasant state, which many love to be in and from which they do not want to leave.
History of body to body massage
Body to body massage is a unique form of therapeutic and sensual touch that has been around for centuries. Its history goes back to ancient oriental cultures such as India, China and Japan where it was used as a ritual practice for spiritual well being. Body massage evolved from the Indian "Ayurvedic" system, in which therapeutic massage was used to balance the three doshas or constitutional energies of the body.

In China, physicians have used massage for physical healing, balancing qi (energy flow) and correcting imbalances in the body's yin and yang polarities. Over time, body massage spread to Western civilization in the form of Swedish massage. It has been popularized as an alternative therapy with healing properties, providing slow, steady movements that stimulate circulation and help reduce muscle tension. Body-to-body massage has stood the test of time and continues to be used in cultures around the world as an effective way to promote health, relaxation and wellness.
Benefits of Body to Body Massage
What are the benefits of skin to skin massage? The truth is that it is a modality that helps us maintain mental and physical balance. It is a way to better connect with our inner self, with ourselves, which also makes us free, detachable and feel better.

In fact, it has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. A person somehow rises, lets go and relaxes, forcing him to be on a cloud, enjoying the moment and forgetting about everything else. This contributes to a state of calmness and helps to improve mood, to become better and happier.

Another big benefit is that the breathing process improves. The ability to breathe is necessary for our daily life, for life in general. But in this type of massage, correct breathing is more important, because it is done from the diaphragm, which helps to reduce anxiety and improve well-being.
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Now that you know how pleasurable it can be and its benefits, you'll probably want to try to feel what it's like to get this type of massage where the skin rubs against each other and the temperature rises.

This is a type of erotic massage that is in great demand and allows you to get a lot of pleasure, feel pleasure and get to know yourself better. In addition to all its obvious benefits, because it helps you improve your mood and get rid of stress.

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