To feel each other in a new way, the erotic massage technique is perfect. How do you think this will help us? Many actually. Firstly, it is a sensual technique that should be performed in an intimate romantic setting. If you and your wife usually don’t go on dates, then an erotic massage with an ending will be a real revelation. Secondly, massage helps each other to overcome even the most serious conflict situations. You both relax, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. A profitable solution is to use aromatherapy or special massage oils together with erotic massage. Thirdly, not only the wife can give a massage. Why don’t you try to find new, previously unfamiliar, erogenous zones on her body. In sex, there are not always enough hands to stimulate the maximum number of points. During the massage, you will be able not only to detect and caress them, but also to observe the reaction of your beloved woman, concentrating your attention on her. The main thing in erotic massage, which you practice for the sake of restoring former feelings and emotions, is not to break into traditional sex. This is the beauty of the process. Both of you will again be able to feel emotions similar to those that possessed you in the initial stages of the relationship.
An erotic massage with an ending is unlikely to leave you indifferent. This is exactly what you should try at least once in your life. Moreover, the actions of a professional masseuse will give you much more real pleasure than a massage from your wife or girlfriend. The fact is that a good specialist studies and hones his skills in massage over the years.
How does a massage session with ending at home work? You call the specialist, she makes an appointment for you at a time convenient for both of you. You need to drive up to her house at the appointed time. A good masseuse always prepares for the meeting of a dear guest in advance. You will be asked to put on slippers and take a shower. A very good start to getting to know each other when the master invites you to use disposable bathroom accessories - shampoo, gel, washcloth.
During a happy ending massage session of this type of practice, the genital area is massaged, as well as the entire body: legs, arms, back.

I would like to add that a happy ending massage is a form of masturbation where in the last stage of the massage the stimulation is focused on the genital area and finally an orgasmic breakthrough is sought.

Thus, the whole body massage ends with a happy ending, that is, physical and spiritual orgasm.

The advantage of this type of massage is the release of physical and mental stress using your own sexual energy.

Sexual pleasure and pleasure is the main goal of a massage with a happy ending.